Ships Store & Fuel

Our Ships Store carries merchandise for everything you need to make your boating experience easy, safe and enjoyable. For your convenience we also have an ATM. Call ahead before you launch and we will stock your boat.

Below are some of the boating supplies we offer:

  • Frozen & live bait and fishing supplies
  • Boating apparel, hats, bags and towels
  • Boxed sandwiches, beer, wine, soda, juices, snacks and ice cream
  • Boating cleaning supplies, Inter-State batteries, oil, lubricants
  • Non-Ethanol Gas

ValvTect Marine Gasoline & Diesel are the best fuels available for performance and fuel economy. They offer stabilization for up to one year, extra corrosion inhibitor, extra moisture dispersants, and improved power, performance and fuel economy.

ValvTect Marine gasoline helps prevent ethanol-related problems, cleans up all deposits, and reduces harmful exhaust emissions. ValvTect Marine diesel helps prevent ultra low sulfur problems, contains Bioguard Micro-Biocide, prevents sludge and plugged fuel filters and combustion chambers.



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