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Reasons to Get Married in August Featured

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Trying to decide what month to tie the knot in? Any month you choose will be a great time to get married, so try not to stress too much on what month is better than the next. Choosing a wedding date comes down to your preferences on seasons, venue availability, budget, and family schedules. However, for this article, we wanted to share with you some reasons to get married in August, if you were debating this summer month as one of your choices. 

Whether you choose August or not, our wedding team at Key West Harbour is more than happy and honored to host your wedding at our marina any time throughout the year.  We have luxurious, private wedding venue spaces that can accommodate different styles and sizes of weddings. Whether you want to be outdoors or inside, we have beautiful spaces for you to celebrate your big day! Our staff works with brides and grooms putting together every detail for the ceremony and reception. 

If you’re contemplating getting married in August, here are some reasons to help you make your choice: 

  • Weather – Weather is unpredictable, but everywhere is usually warmer in August. The evenings have more daylight and there’s lots of sunshine. You don’t have to worry about jackets or wearing layers. 
  • Holidays/School’s Out/Vacation – Summer is the time when people can take time off work more easily because those will children don’t have to worry about school. It’s also just a popular time of year that people travel and take days off. A wedding in Key West is a great option for people to vacation while also attending your wedding. People can work their vacations around your wedding date. 
  • Scenery – The summer is when trees, flowers, and greenery are in full bloom, which makes for much more beautiful photos!
  • Wedding attire – Wedding clothing is much more flexible in the summer because of the warmer temperature. The groom and groomsmen can wear shorts or a light shirt while the bride and bridesmaids can wear short dresses and flip flops, if they so choose. 
  • Colors – Any color goes in summer. Whether you want bright, flashy, fun colors or subtler and pastel-like colors, they work perfect in the summer months. 
  • Venue options – You have the option to have the ceremony and/or reception outside. 
  • Activities – Your guests can play activities outdoors like cornhole, 
  • Flowers – There’s more flowers in season in the summer for you to choose from to use in bouquets or arrangements. 

These are just a few reasons why an August wedding would be great. We hope these reasons help make your decision a little bit easier. Now, if you’re looking for a place to hold your wedding, we can definitely help with that! Our team at Key West Harbour would love to work with you to put your special day together.  

Key West Harbour has wedding venue spaces that can seat 60 to 150 guests. These areas can also be combined if you have a larger guest list. Key West Harbour also has private suites with great views for your guests.  

This marina is a beautiful location for a wedding in August (or any time of year). Click our Key West Wedding page to view more information about a wedding at Florida Marina Club’s Key West Harbour, or call 305-292-3121. 

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