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How to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season Featured

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Last year, Key West, and the rest of Florida, had a rough hurricane season. Hurricane Irma hit the state as a Category 4 storm in September with 130 mph winds, and did some heavy damage and destroying homes, businesses, street signage, plants, boats, docks, marinas and more. Unfortunately, with each storm, we get reminded how important is to prepare in case another storm occurs. Hurricane season began June 1, but it’s never too early or late to begin planning and prepping for how you’ll handle the next hurricane that comes through.

Key West Harbour dealt with some damage from Irma, so we wanted to share with you some boat preparation tips for your boat, so it can have a better chance surviving the next big storm.

  • Always pay attention to the weather and storms in the forecast.
  • Take steps to prepare for quickly-changing weather.
  • Ask your marina if they have a hurricane plan.
  • Find out where your boat should be in the marina before the storm hits.
  • Find out what your insurance will cover in case your boat suffers damages.
  • Create an inventory of what is onboard the ship and take pictures of the boat.
  • Make sure your boat’s bow is facing the wind.
  • Tie your lines to the tallest and strongest pilings.
  • Never keep your boat loose.
  • Use a helical anchor instead or a buried mushroom or concrete anchor.
  • If your boat is on a trailer, use wooden blocks under the wheels to secure the frame and deflate the trailer’s tires.
  • Try and store your boat in a dry facility if possible, especially a newer, sturdier facility.
  • Tie down or remove anything loose on the boat.
  • Seal up everything on the boat you can.
  • Use over-sized fenders to protect all sides of the boat.

 If you follow the above tips, you can help keep your boat safe before a storm! After a storm hits, check out your boat from top to bottom. Look for cracks and breaches. Contact your insurance company quickly, and do not make repairs on the boat until an adjuster evaluates the damage.

Looking for a safe place to store your boat? Visit our Key West Harbour page to learn more about our marina location. To contact our Key West marina, call 305-292-3121.

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