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Fun Ideas for a Summer Wedding Featured

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Summer time is a great time to get married, especially in Florida. It’s warm and beautiful outside. Even if there is a chance of thunderstorms, the clouds rolling in make for some unbelievable photos. The scenery is beautiful this time of year!

For this article, our team at Key West Harbour wanted to share some fun summer wedding themes and ideas for you to incorporate into your wedding down here in Key West. Key West Harbour has luxurious, private wedding venue spaces that can accommodate different styles and sizes of weddings. Our creative staff works with brides and grooms to put together weddings from the ceremony to the reception.

  • Instead of or in addition to the cake, serve ice cream! Have an ice cream scooping station or a sundae bar to cool down guests from the hot weather.
  • Use bright tropical colors for your color palette including: pinks, greens, oranges, yellows and blues.
  • Decorate the venue space with brightly colored balloons for a fun, cheery look.
  • Give guests sunglasses, sunblock, flip-flops and/or towels for favors.
  • Set up a station with differently flavored water, so people can enjoy hydrating themselves throughout the event.
  • Serve lemonade, s’mores, and watermelon! Things that make people think of summer!
  • Provide umbrellas for people to shield themselves from the sun and/or rain. Provide bug repellent incase it gets buggy outside. Provide hand fans for people to cool themselves down.
  • Use seashells and starfish as part of your summer/beach theme.
  • Set up a bunch of lawn games for people to play during the reception and cocktail hour.
  • Incorporate fruit into your centerpieces.
  • Release wish lanterns at night into the sky.
  • Provide towels if people want to go swimming (if you’re marrying next to a beach).

These are just a few fun and fresh ideas for you to incorporate into your summer wedding. Key West provides the perfect backdrop for a summer wedding with gorgeous views, flowers, and warm weather.

Key West Harbour has venue spaces that can seat 60 to 150 guests. These areas can be combined if you have a larger guest list, as well. For the wedding party or guests that want to stay over, Key West Harbour also has accommodations, which are private, luxurious and have great views. 

Key West Harbour is the ideal location for your summer wedding. Let’s get the wedding planning started! Click our Key West Wedding page to view more wedding information at Florida Marina Club’s Key West Harbour, or call 305-292-3121. 

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