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Key West Events During June Featured

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 It’s almost summer time! It’s a beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors in Key West. The scenery is beautiful down here, and if you get too hot, just jump in the ocean!

June is a great month to make a trip onto the island. Besides embracing the beautiful weather, there’s so much to do here.

Being an island, Key West is the perfect place for you to travel around in a boat. Florida Marina Clubs’ Key West Harbour location provides boat storage and offers boat rentals from our beautiful, clean, state-of-the-art marina. This marina also has beautiful, private suites and dining options for you to enjoy before and after exploring the island. If you have a boat, come explore Key West after docking at Key West Harbour.  After docking, you can easily head into town for any event.

For the month of June, our team at Key West Harbour wanted to share with you some fun things to do in Key West.   

 This is just a sample of the events happening in Key West during the month of June. Whether you’re in the mood for some pie or want to burn those pie calories off with a swim, Key West has something fun for you to do!

Looking for a marina to dock a boat in Key West? Key West Harbour is perfectly situated off the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of Boca Chica Inlet. Just 10 minutes from downtown Key West! Come explore our Key West marina!

To learn more about Florida Marina Club’s marina, boat storage, dining options, accommodations, and other amenities, click the Key West Harbour page or call 305-292-3112.  

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