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Reasons to Get Married at the Beach Featured

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One of the biggest decisions about planning your big day is the “Where.” There are endless places for you to book a wedding ceremony and reception, but it comes down to your style, needs, and budget. If you enjoy the sun, outdoors and a casual atmosphere, a beach is a great place to get married. Even if you enjoy classy venues, we’ve got you covered! Key West Harbour in Key West is a one of the best beachside locations to get married, with luxurious wedding venues, so you can experience both the casual and formal side of things on your wedding day.

At Key West Harbour, we have a professional staff on board with a creative expertise to help you design, plan, coordinate the beach ceremony and/or reception of your dreams. Below, we’ve shares some of the top reasons why you should think about getting married by the beach.

  • Your wedding can be a destination for you, family, and friends. It’s a built-in vacation for everyone.
  • You can honeymoon immediately where you are right after the wedding. Key West Harbour has beautiful private suites and plenty of amenities for you to enjoy while honeymooning on the island.
  • If you prefer intimacy, beach weddings are great spots for smaller groups, especially if it’s a destination wedding.
  • Your guests can get comfy by taking their shoes and jackets off, while exploring the beach and water.
  • You can set up beach games for guests to play like volleyball or limbo.
  • You’ll get some pretty stunning photos with the ocean, sand, palm trees, and sunsets in the background in all your photos.
  • With such a beautiful location, you don’t have to spend as much money on decorations.
  • Like we stated earlier, you can easily customize a beach wedding to be casual, elegant or a little bit of both.

Thinking about getting married at the beach now? Come to Key West! Key West Harbour is the ideal location for your special day. Let’s get the wedding planning started! Click our Key West Wedding page to view more wedding information at Florida Marina Club’s Key West Harbour, or call 305-292-3121. 

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